Advertising and Promotions

We assist clients on a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns, providing representation in the legal areas that govern this industry’s practice, such as First Amendment and privacy assessments, intellectual property rights and DRM, Fair Use, trademark protection and brand development, competition claims and advertising regulations, restrictions regarding minors, and related employment and contractual issues.

We are quick in responding to the issues that arise in the rapid pace of advertising production and distribution and we know how to meet the needs and manage the expectations of celebrities, talent and professionals involved.  We also have the media expertise to deal with the complexities and new legal issues raised by evolving and disruptive technologies.

Examples of Advertising Services Provided:

  • False Advertising Claims
  • First Amendment and Fair Use Issues
  • Trademark Infringement and Protection
  • Social Media Legal Considerations
  • Promotions and Contests
  • Licensing Agreements (including talent, image, film and music licensing)
  • Agency Agreements
  • Branded Entertainment and Sponsorship Agreements
  • Claims of Unfair Competition
  • Right of Publicity and Privacy Claims
  • Mediation of Matters Relating to Advertising and Entertainment
  • Copy Review
  • Distribution and Production Agreements