We offer a full range of copyright consultation and legal services for our clients worldwide, including defining and protecting rights in the U.S. and internationally, licensing, copyright registration, transfers and assignments, and counseling, as well as dispute analysis, litigation strategy, and resolution. We offer our clients assistance with all types of copyrighted materials, including motion pictures, visual art, sound recordings, computer programs, and literary, musical, dramatic, sculptural and pictorial works, both in traditional settings and the global digital environment. Our clients include internet companies, artists, authors, record companies, multi-media production companies, merchandising companies, documentarians, educational institutions, digital distributors and hardware and software companies in many countries. We advise clients not only on rights clearance, intellectual property asset management, and other traditional copyright issues, but also rapidly evolving areas in copyright law such as digital media, Fair Use, internet commerce and communication, and DRM. We operate at the cutting edge of copyright law practice. For many of our clients, IP is the chief asset.

We recognize that clients with novel projects, new technologies, intellectual property and concepts in development, as well as those anticipating future investment, require attorneys with a creative approach who can help them establish a resilient and reliable IP strategy from the start.

Examples of Copyright Services Provided:

  • Copyright Law Counseling
  • Fair Use
  • Joint Ownership Issues
  • Online Copyright Issues
  • Copyright and Related Licensing
  • Copyright Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Rights Acquisition and Clearance
  • Asset Evaluation for Tax, Estate, Entity Formation and Litigation Purposes
  • Copyright Registration and Recording
  • Derivative Works Issues
  • Copyright Termination Consultation
  • Intellectual Property Policies
  • Mediation and Arbitration of Copyright and Licensing Disputes