Education Law

Intellectual property law and its latest developments are of particular concern to colleges, universities, and other educational institutions, especially with the expansion of electronic publishing, digital archiving, and long distance education modalities.  Knowing the contemporary trends in the commercialization of technology and research, we appreciate the sensitivity of educational institutions to the ease of reproduction of copyrighted and other proprietary works as well as the needs of educational professionals, researchers, and students.  We understand the potential for licensing trademarks, patents, copyrights and aspects of innovative technology.  We also are attuned to the concepts of academic freedom and community service, as well as the interests of multiple stakeholders that affect the decisions of educational and cultural institutions.

Creative Industry lawyers have helped a number of new and evolving educational institutions formulate policies for recognizing and protecting the intellectual property rights of the several constituencies that make up an educational community.  We are experts at gathering the views and defining the interests of various constituencies, where appropriate.  We understand the interplay of rights held by faculty, students, publishers, archives, foundations, donors, administrations, staff, and a larger public.  We have experience assisting public, private, for-profit, and non-profit institutions.  We draft nonprofit and trustee governance and related policy instruments, structure licensing relationships, handle trademark and copyright applications, and help analyze situations that may involve technology transfer, infringement, or other rights-related questions.  We are adept at assisting in the structuring that is essential to institutional start-up and growth risk management in the academic environment.  Our attorneys’ years of experience on educational, medical, and non-profit boards inform our practice.