Visual and Performing Arts

Our clients in the Visual and Performing Arts include video artists, photography collectors, dancers, sculptors, comedians, archivists and donors, painters, multi-media artists, gallery owners, theaters, museums, arts institutions, publishers and artists’ heirs.  The legal needs of this creative community often present unique issues requiring the background and innovative approaches that our clients appreciate.

Examples of Art Law Issues Addressed:

  • Copyright Transactions and Fair Use Guidance
  • International Rights
  • License and Sales Transactions
  • Holocaust Art Disputes
  • Museum Exchanges, Rights Analysis, Donor Matters
  • Moral Rights and Resale Rights of Artists
  • Investment in Works and Performances
  • Commissioned Works
  • Artist-Dealer Transactions
  • Consignment Agreements
  • Authenticity and Provenance Issues
  • Gallery Agreements
  • Rights of Heirs
  • Reproduction and Derivative Works Matters
  • Licensing and Royalties
  • Co-Creator Issues
  • Publishing Agreements