Film and Television

We have a wide range of clients in the film and television industries, many that we have served for decades.  They include Oscar and Emmy award-winners and nominees, and many other deeply talented creators.  We are able to provide legal services and consultation on issues that affect producers, talent, writers, directors, investors, distributors, exhibitors and agents.

Examples of Film and Television Services Provided:

  • Rights Clearance and Acquisition Matters
  • Selling and Securing Life Story and Publicity Rights
  • Option and Acquisition Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Pre-Sale and Negative Pick-Up Agreements
  • Copyright Protection and Enforcement
  • Co-Production Agreements
  • Defamation, Privacy and Right of Publicity Issues
  • Fair Use Advice
  • Union and Guild Compliance Issues
  • Joint Venture Agreements and Entity Formation
  • Insurance Issues
  • Employment, Independent Contractor and Work for Hire Agreements
  • Talent Agreements
  • Digital Distribution Issues
  • Pilot and Series Agreements
  • Special Purpose Entities