Technology and Licensing

We handle hundreds of licensing arrangements every year, most of them “custom made.”  Our attorneys combine broad intellectual property and commercial law expertise with business judgment and industry knowledge to tailor solutions to our clients’ business needs and budgets.

We regularly work with software and hardware developers, information providers, mobile app developers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs to negotiate business transactions, joint ventures and other collaborations.  We advise clients as to open source, technology transfer, international licensing, royalty structures, intellectual property assignments, and help them handle intellectual property assets during mergers, dissociations, and other strategic events

Examples of Trademark Services Provided:

  • Software, Hardware and Technology Licensing
  • Software and App Development Agreements
  • Open Source Issues
  • Software and Hardware Maintenance, Support and Up-Date Issues
  • Copyright and Database Licensing
  • Trademark Licensing Worldwide
  • Domestic and International Product Distribution
  • Reseller Relationships
  • Joint Development
  • OEM Agreements
  • Trade Secret Protection
  • Employee Mobility and Technology Development Issues
  • Investor and College/University Technology Issues